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Current TAT is 3-5 business days


It seems as though the entire lineage of my mom's side of the family loved to sew and design outfits. Growing up, I never took much interest in learning to sew, and truth be told, I considered it something people did in "the olden" days when they couldn't afford to just buy clothes. 

However, at the intersection in my life of becoming a new mom and wondering how I was going to do something for myself, I suddenly found myself filled with the desire to create. My mom has always encouraged me to explore my artistic side, and it was never something I considered up until that point. 

In the summer of 2019, I was staying at my parents house with my daughter, Daniella, when the talk of baby bows came up. I had only ever put her in skinny bows & some of the thicker nylon knot bows, but suddenly I found myself wanting to try something different for her. I was drawn the the headwrap style, but I didn't see anything I particularly liked online. I always felt like there was something a little off, which always prevented me from buying any myself.

It might sound a little crazy, but in that moment I knew I wanted to start a baby business, and my first product was going to be baby headwraps. I had never even seen one in person, but I knew I could create something beautiful. 

A few weeks later, my mom and I began developing the pattern that we use for our Boosh Baby headwraps! We spent countless hours refining our main pattern to make sure it was something that would fit well and have a beautifully tied knot. As someone who suffers from perfectionism, it was so important to me that the quality of my bows would be worth paying for. 

After building up a small inventory of bows, Boosh Baby was officially launched in November of 2019 on Etsy, and was named after one of the many nicknames we had for Daniella. I really had no idea what to expect in the early days because I had done just about nothing to promote my new shop. I was afraid to tell too many people about it in case it was a total flop. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I started getting orders on my first official day in business!

Since launching in 2019, Boosh Baby has far exceeded any of my expectations! I went from a stay at home mom with too much time on her hands, to working 50+ hours a week just to barely keep up with demand. Fortunately, my mom is also now helping out with production, so we can continue to grow and serve our customers.

At Boosh Baby, we are committed to providing you with high quality, handmade headwraps and the best customer service possible. We believe in taking care of our customers and helping you create the perfect outfits for the little ladies in your lives!